New Daikin VRV IV Systems Explained

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There has been much talk lately about the latest VRV IV Kit introduced to market by Daikin this year. Daikin claim to have achieved a series of incremental improvements to their existing system, providing an increase in efficiency, faster installation times and increased flexibility for both users and installers. We talked to both Daikin and industry experts to find out more.


Energy Efficiency Improvements

The control of the variable refrigerant temperature is able to automatically adjust the VRV system to best suit the individual requirements of your particular building and the internal environment. It makes changes to optimise both comfort AND efficiency, thus enabling an (often dramatic) reduction in the systems running costs.

When set to Automatic, the VRV IV chooses the settings which will achieve maximum efficiency during most of the year. It is constantly monitoring both the weather conditions as well as the required capacity. On the occasional very hot day, the system adjusts to allow for a “quick speed reaction” to make sure the internal environment is still comfortable. These settings combined give an increase in efficiency of up to 25% per annum.

Daikin VRV IV


Increased Flexibility for Installers & Users

The new VRV IV range was built to fully comply with the EU’s 20/20/20 policy. It features some advanced software, including its configurator. This piece of technology allows for very simple HVAC configuration and commissioning. For air conditioning installation companies, this means that less time is spent configuring the outdoor system and the initial settings needed can be easily retrieved. Daikin claim that this enables a faster installation by up to 30%. This all adds up to significant cost savings over a year for installation companies. These cost savings can be passed onto the client too.

For users, the submode settings in Automatic include Powerful, Quick and Mild mode and can be chosen depending on your requirements. For example, if you want to maintain the set temperature as closely as possible you can choose Quick mode, whereas if efficiency is your priority then you can choose Mild mode.

Overall, the VRV IV systems seem to be setting the standard in terms of increasing energy efficiency whilst also increasing customer comfort and reliability.

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