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Daikin Self Cleaning Air Conditioning Provide Proven Energy Savings

We have heard lots of buzz recently about the Daikin Self Cleaning Roundflow Cassette air conditioning systems. Here is a quick breakdown of how they work and why we think they are a good investment.   How Do Daikin Self

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Cut down your carbon footprint & reduce energy bills with air curtains

With commercial buildings generating nearly 40% of the total CO2 emissions in Europe, one of the most pressing aims of the current Government for the near future is to encourage businesses to reduce their carbon footprint for example with Air

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New Daikin VRV IV Systems Explained

  There has been much talk lately about the latest VRV IV Kit introduced to market by Daikin this year. Daikin claim to have achieved a series of incremental improvements to their existing system, providing an increase in efficiency, faster

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Maintaining R22 Air Conditioning after 1st January 2015

R22 Air Conditioning Deadline is Fast Approaching Many companies are still unaware of the legislation regarding R22 equipment and the looming January deadline that relates to it. You can read up on the legislation in our previous blog post here. It

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R22 Replacement Legislation

Why is R22 Refrigerant Being Targeted? Several studies conducted have shown that this gas is harmful to the ozone layer. The ozone layer is vital to protecting the earth from excessive UV levels and the negative effects of global warming.

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