R22 Replacement Legislation

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Why is R22 Refrigerant Being Targeted?

Several studies conducted have shown that this gas is harmful to the ozone layer. The ozone layer is vital to protecting the earth from excessive UV levels and the negative effects of global warming. This legislation makes up part of a wider global agreement, under the Montreal Protocol, to help protect the ozone layer (and therefore the environment) by phasing out the use of R22 gas as well as other ozone depleting substances, including all CFC’s and HCFC’s.

For air conditioning equipment in particular, there are several more environmentally friendly gases that can be used for new equipment, so we see the R22 replacement legislation as a step in the right direction for the environment.  Especially as the less harmful gases have been proven to be far more energy efficient too – a great benefit for companies looking to reduce their energy bills.


R22 Replacement legislation affects everyone with r22 equipment

This legislation should play its part in helping to protect the environment


Who Will These Changes Affect?

In short, the legislation concerning R22 gas will eventually affect every business that has equipment containing this refrigerant.


What Deadline Should I be Working To?

Complete R22 replacement is required by the start of 2015, meaning that time is running out for companies who do not already have a plan in place for ensuring that they are fully compliant with the new legislation.

From January 1st 2015, even the use of recycled R22 refrigerant is prohibited during refrigeration or air conditioning equipment servicing which still exists at that date. The same goes for repairs, which will make it extremely difficult to mend faults with r22 refrigerant equipment.

We have helped many of our clients create a plan for the replacement of their R22 refrigerant equipment with minimal disruption to the business. These plans often include the utilisation of existing pipework and equipment where possible within the new legislative framework. If you want to discuss the R22 replacement legislation and how it will affect your business then you can contact us on 08456 120 326 or fill in our Contact Form Here.


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