Air Conditioning Maintenance and Servicing

As the saying goes, failing to prepare is preparing to fail.preparation is the key to minimising air conditioning units breaking down. Luckily, the preparation can be as simple as having your air conditioning service once or twice per year. A thorough air conditioning service is proven to:

  1. Dramatically reduces the number of breakdowns experienced
  2. Increase the efficiency of your equipment
  3. Prevent unpleasant smells from developing within the unit
  4. Increase the life span of the equipment
  5. Pick up on minor faults before they become bigger and more costly problems
  6. Provides more clean and healthy air



Air conditioning service packages

Our air conditioning services packages start from just £79 per year. Please contact us or give us a call on 08456 120 326 for a tailored quote for your air conditioning servicing.


TCL Air Conditioning Service

TCL provide nationwide coverage for air conditioning servicing


Servicing check-list

Our full 30 point air conditioning service check-list ensures that every aspect of the unit is thoroughly inspected.


  1. Check system for correct refrigerant charge
  2. Check compressor amps
  3. Check condenser fan amps
  4. Check condenser coil (clean as needed)
  5. Check contactor points
  6. Check capacitor
  7. Check thermostat level
  8. Check thermostat calibration
  9. Check temperature split at evaporator coil
  10. Check fan motor amps
  11. Check changeover valve operation
  12. Check all electrical connections
  13. Check safety controls where applicable
  14. Change filter (or wash filter, if it is the washable type)
  15. Flish or blow out condensate drain liner
  16. Check and clean evaporator drain pan
  17. Lubricate all moving parts where necessary
  18. Check visual integrity of system
  19. Check final performance
  20. Report necessary improvements
  21. Clean vegetation and other debris from condensing unit
  22. Check the crankcase heater
  23. Pull and clean indoor fan assembly
  24. Check condensing temperature split at condensing coil
  25. Clean, check and adjust outside condenser fan
  26. Check defrost control
  27. Make sure air conditioning condenser is level
  28. Check for excessive vibration
  29. Check air circulation – no balancing
  30. Check for air leaks at plenum