Cut down your carbon footprint & reduce energy bills with air curtains

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With commercial buildings generating nearly 40% of the total CO2 emissions in Europe, one of the most pressing aims of the current Government for the near future is to encourage businesses to reduce their carbon footprint for example with Air Curtains.

As a result, now can be a great time to start implementing some carbon cutting technologies. Investing in commercial energy saving heating and ventilation products like Air Curtains can carry both environmental and financial benefits for your business.


6 Essential Facts You Need to Know About Air Curtains

  • Air curtains help prevent heated and/or cooled air from escaping your office or shop; meaning a positive impact you’re your heating/air conditioning bills.
  • They work by using a fast-moving air-steam, which allows the building to hold on to treated air.
  • Air curtains are relatively easy to install and do not need a large financial commitment, like some other eco-friendly business technologies.
  • They are a low-cost, high-impact energy saving solution with a short payback time.
  • In the summer, air curtains (which are linked up to a compatible air conditioning systems) have been shown to save up to 50 % on energy running costs. They help to keep the warm air out and the cold air in, during those hot summer months.
  • In the winter, air curtains have been shown to save businesses up to 30 % on the cost of their heating bills. They keep the warm air in and cold air out, during those frosty winter days.

An open- door trading policy in retail shops makes good commercial sense as it allows easy access for customer. However, adopting this policy brings its own issues as cold drafts are far more likely to enter the building as a result. Naturally, this increases energy usage (and therefore costs) for the business. When you have hundreds of retails stores across the UK, this extra energy can really add up and have a significant impact on the bottom line.

An open door trading policy is actually more of a problem in summer than winter because cooling down warm air is actually more expensive than heating up cold air. Attaching an air curtain to the existing air conditioning system can help reduce the loss of cool air outside.


Maximum Efficiency Controls

Air curtains can really have a big impact on the long term running costs of the business when they are connected to low cost control switches. These settings ensure the system is working to its maximum efficiency, only working when needed.

Air Curtains

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