Maintaining R22 Air Conditioning after 1st January 2015

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R22 Air Conditioning Deadline is Fast Approaching

Many companies are still unaware of the legislation regarding R22 equipment and the looming January deadline that relates to it. You can read up on the legislation in our previous blog post here. It is helpful to learn about how the legislation came about and why it is coming into effect. How to practically abide by this new legislation however, is what companies are really keen to understand. 

If you have any R22 air conditioning equipment within your business or organisation, you need to take note. From the 1st January 2015, your R22 equipment is going to become extremely difficult (if not impossible) and very expensive to maintain and repair.  No air conditioning company will be allowed to legally top up your old equipment with R22 gas. So, if it is found that your AC unit has stopped working because of an issue with the refrigerant section of the system (gas leak, compressor repair etc), then it is illegal to recharge with R22.

This fact may not bother companies who barely use their air conditioning. For the majority of businesses who rely on their AC equipment to provide a suitable working environment or to keep their computer servers operating, you really cannot afford to do nothing and hope for the best. Your R22 equipment will be over 10 years old and with a general lifespan of between 10-13 years, it is likely your equipment will need replacing anyway, regardless of the new legislation. R22 equipment is extremely inefficient in comparison to a modern system and typically consumes 20% more energy.


What Are Our Options?

TCL are perfectly equipped to help you make a plan to help you prepare for this looming deadline. We would suggest either of the following two options, depending on your circumstances:

1.       Replace your old R22 air conditioning with a new system.

2.      Convert your R22 equipment to a drop in replacement


Replace your old R22 air conditioning with a new system

This is a sensible option for companies looking to save money on energy costs and reduce their environmental impact. New air conditioning installations are extremely energy efficient to run compared with equipment over 10 years old. New equipment will be cheaper to run and more environmentally friendly. Many air conditioning companies offer decent warranties on new equipment.

TCL can offer some of the longest warranties on new equipment in the industry – up to 7 years for some Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning. This means that you never have to worry if you do have a problem with your new equipment.


Convert your R22 equipment to a move environmentally friendly gas type

Some R22 equipment can be replaced with a no ozone depleting refrigerant but this is assessed on an individual basis depending on the application. This option can be more cost effective in the short term and at least gives the security that moving forward your air conditioning can still be fixed if it breaks down (unless it is deemed beyond economical repair due to age/poor condition).


Failing to Prepare means Preparing to Fail

This old proverb is extremely appropriate here. Failing to make an appropriate plan for your R22 air conditioning equipment when the deadline is just months away, is a risky option. Give TCL a call for some free no obligation advice – 08456 120 326.

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